Buying Guide


All our cowhides are from South America. South American cowhides are seen as the best cowhides due to the mild weather, rich soils and large range of different breeds, which all result in silky and supple, high quality hides with a diverse range of patterns and styles. 

To add to this, South America is regarded globally as the best cowhide tanning processor. All of our hides are chromium-tanned (considered the highest quality tanning process) in South America to ensure the best quality tanning and give the utmost durability. 


How Hides Are Measured

Because of the natural shape of cowhides, this can make it difficult to measure accurately, so measurements of hides are taken from the longest and widest points. Measurements are listed with each Cowhide, these should be used as a guide to their size.

cowhide rug measurements

Product Care

When purchasing a cowhide it is important to understand that they are a natural animal skin product. When your item is packaged it will be carefully folded, this may lead to a few folding creases on the hide. Over a small period of time and with normal floor use, these creases will come out naturally.

Cowhides, being a natural product may wear over time, depending if it has heavy traffic across it. We would recommend from time to time to rotate your rug or move it.

Cowhide rugs are easy to look after and care for. If you care for and maintain your rug properly, it will bring you a lifetime of use. The cleaning of a cowhide is a simple process. Soak up any spills on the rug as soon as possible with a paper towel, sponge or towel. For general cleaning, simply vacuum or just shake outside to remove dust and dirt. To spot clean, wipe with a damp cloth or sponge with a small amount of mild shampoo in the direction of the hair. Remember, cowhides should not be made wet, ensure to avoid this.

You can fold your cowhide, but some time will be needed after being unfolded for it to relax. Any creases will come out after some days of laying flat. You can use heavy weights such as books to speed up the process. You could also steam iron the cowhide on the underside or hair side, to reduce any such creases more quickly.